What do I need to run µFrac ?

µFrac requires that you have either a MIDP-compatible device (typically a phone or a PDA, see below) or a MIDP phone simulator. Also the phone or the computer running the simulator must have access to the network.

Why does it have to connect to a server anyway ?

Well, this is what µFrac is all about : it's distributed. Keep in mind that fractals require a lot of mathematical calculation which would take way too long for your phone to compute plus it would be a perfect way to drain your battery. Instead, the work is handed to a server which computes the fractal and sends it back to the device.

Which devices does µFrac support ? Will it work with my XYZ phone ?

It *should* work on any MIDP-compatible device though I cannot guarantee that it will work perfectly on all the devices depending on how MIDP has been implemented on that particular device. So far, µFrac has been tested on :
- Motorola i85s and i50sx phones available today in the US at Nextel.
- Motorola Accompli 008 phone/PDA (soon to be available in Europe and Asia).
- Palm OS device with MIDP for Palm installed.
If you have tested µFrac on a different device, please let me know how it worked !

I have a Motorola i85s / i50sx, now what do I do ?

It is possible today to install and run µFrac on Motorola iDen i85s and i50sx handsets available at Nextel but it is not as easy as it should be since Nextel does not yet support 'network aware' applications (i.e. which require internet connectivity).You will need the following :

  •  An i85s or i50sx handset (just to make sure).
  •  The data cable to be able to transfer the app to the device (Over-the-Air download is not available at this time).
  •  Nextel's PacketStream service so that J2ME apps are able to reach the outside world (thru a routable static IP or NAT) .

Refer to the instructions provided on Nextel's developer website. Note that JAL Lite will not let you install µFrac on the device since it only allows local apps to be installed at this time.

How can I install it on my Palm ?

First, you need to install MIDP for Palm OS (requires Palm OS 3.5+) and set 'Networking' to 'enabled' in the Java Manager preferences. Then hotsync the 'mufrac.prc' file contained in the package. For some strange reason the keypad has to be activated in the application preferences to be able to connect (tested with MIDP for PalmOS version 1.0ea3).

Where can I download the source ?

Sorry, the source for µFrac is not available at this time. You can take a look at another MIDlet, kFire, that I've developed and released with the souce code.

What kind of license ... ?

µFrac may be used freely for non-commercial use but it is *not* freeware. Please do not distribute it (but feel free to link this site!) without prior authorization from mufrac.com.

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